About herpesfree

The herpesfree.co.uk website is designed to provide visitors with answers to any questions they may have relating to the herpes simplex virus, both type 1 (cold sores) and type 2 (genital herpes). We also aim to supply visitors with information relating to identification of the virus, prevention and treatment and raise awareness about the risk of infection and transmission of herpes and cold sores.

We understand it is not very fun or enjoyable to suffer with outbreaks of cold sores or herpes, and recognise that this discomfort can turn into anxiety for pregnant women that carry the virus, as they will often be concerned for their unborn child and the risks associated with carrying the child and suffering from outbreaks but also the risk of transmission to their baby. Therefore, we have dedicated an entire page of our website to provide information for pregnant women to try and ease these concerns. But ultimately if you are pregnant and concerned about the welfare of your unborn child we always recommend speaking with your doctor or midwife.

Our mission is to spread awareness of the herpes virus both far and wide, and help as many people as possible live their lives free of outbreaks of cold sores and herpes, without having to resort to medications that can cause negative side effects. Let’s all work together to fight this virus naturally and live life Herpes Free!